• Sandra Hughes

Lament Featured in

I was blessed to have a poem featured in Kosmeo magazine this month.

Kosmeo "Is an online magazine seeking to glorify God through creative, artful offerings."

I was inspired to write this poem because:

My family is currently walking through a painful season because of my father’s poor health. God has answered my prayers faithfully and often in the past, so I find it frustrating and strange that He is not answering “yes” to my prayers for healing for my father, a long-time faithful Christian, at this time. Micah 4:1-3 is full of the rich promises of God that are “Yes” in Christ Jesus, but as I meditated on this scripture, I began to write about the experience of being in a waiting place, and feeling the anguish that all Christians struggle through when God does not answer His promises in a way that is evident to us (yet.)

"Lament for My Father Who Has Not Yet Been Healed," is here:

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