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January Poetry Slam AND Habitations Anthology Announcement

Dear Readers, and Poets,

One of my favorite parts of 2022 was the launching of the monthly Poetry Slam at the Kern River Valley Art Association!

We had a marvelous time in November and December, and we're hoping many more poets and observers join us for January.

If you are a poet, or a lover of poetry in or near the Kern River Valley, please come visit us. The poets don't bite. Unless you are a tasty snack, which are also provided.

But whether you live in the Kern River Valley or elsewhere around the world, you can still experience poetry through the Habitations Volume, which launched this January!

I've been part of the team of talented editors and proofreaders assembling this collection, which is representative of an entire year of work in The Habit poetry group.

You can take a look at the entire collection in the preview window or purchase a copy for yourself using the links below.

This is an at-cost publication, meaning it is our gift to you, in the hopes that you will take time to pause, reflect, and consider the wonder and beauty of the world which we inhabit.

For the softcover, you can click

And the Hardcover can be found here:

I pray that the new year is full of blessings for you and your family.

With Love,

Sandra Rose Hughes

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