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"Why Faeries Bite"

My First Poetry Collection

Now Available

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at Lah De Dah Boutique in Kernville, CA 

Why Faeries Bite, Poems and stories from RockRiver Hill is a collection of vibrant poems that journey through the mysteries of life and beyond. Hughes draws us into her world as she brings the common into such great detail it becomes new again. Her words transport us to where she is, seeing what she sees, feeling what she feels. Why Faeries Bite is a gift from the heart of a daughter, sister, mother, wife and child of the most high God. 

-Melanie Waldman- Speaker, Singer, Songwriter melaniewaldman.com


Middle Grade Fantasy Fiction

Twins. Megaliths. Selkies. Talking Otters.

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About Me

I am a poet and fiction writer in the wild and scenic Kern River Valley. 

Creative writing is the way I emulate my maker, and I pray that my writing can bless its readers and reveal timeless Truths in a new way.  

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English from California Baptist University, and spent the first 6 years of my working life as a High School English/Drama/Yearbook teacher.

In 2012, I retired from teaching to focus on my next great challenge: raising my four beautiful children. While I raise these beautiful masterpieces, I am preparing for my third career as an author. 

I write poetry, creative nonfiction, and middlegrade fantasy fiction.  



4617 Erskine Creek Road
Lake Isabella, CA

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